Managing People with Jazz

I have recently moved up from Jumpstart Technical Lead to become the manager for the Jazz Jumpstart team, in an effort by IBM to prove the Peter principle (pause for laughter).   Our Jumpstart team has been very busy helping to get the upcoming CLM release ready to go, and so we have not had a lot of time to blog recently.

Today I got an email from one of my IBM co-workers looking for some help with using Jazz (and RTC in particular) to help them manage the people on their team.  Then I had a conversation with one of our customers looking for way to see how the people in a group may be loaded, if those people are split up and working on multiple projects (in both the organizational and RTC contexts).  The question boiled down to this: I have 15 engineers that work for me, and I have a project in RTC with all of these people in the project.  I use dashboards in RTC with this project, and basically track their efforts in widgets that pull data from the various projects that they are working on.  How can I tell when my people are getting overloaded?  All of the data is in there, but everything in RTC seems very project centric.

The answer to this is not very well known, so I thought I would quickly share it.  There is a great blog posting out in the Coder Lounge, in a blog posting titled, “Monitoring and allocating users across projects in RTC“.  The article shows some great example reports on resource loading, resource utilization, and what the author calls a task card.  You can go and download these report templates from by going to the initial work item, Create a report  to see user utilization across all projects in the repository.  Go to the links tab of the work item, and you will see the attachments for the report templates.  These were developed with RTC, but should work with any RTC 2.x or 3.x release with some minor changes.  Just be aware that these reports are somewhat complex, and may take a little while to run.

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