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As a member of the development team working on the Jazz products, I recently saw a report of the 100 highest customer rated articles from the library.  Essentially it is what our CUSTOMERS think the most useful articles are.  It’s a great list of links, and as I looked through them I thought that it might be a good idea to share some of this knowledge.  So I added a few links of my own which I find quite useful, that didn’t make the list, and then I organized them.

The result is a file of bookmarks with some semantic tags, called Jazz_bookmarks, which allows you to easily import these bookmarks in a single folder within Firefox.  I named the file Jazz_bookmarks.doc (so I could upload it here), so after downloading it you will want to rename it with an html extension, so you can import it into Firefox.  Under this folder the bookmarks are organized based on subject matter.  I also have a “raw dump” of the Firefox export on the Useful Links page associated with this blog.

Please use the content in whichever format you prefer.  You probably already have some of these links, but I found some links to articles that I was unaware of, but that really helped me expand my knowledge of the Jazz environment.

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