Innovate 2012 – The First Day

The Innovate Conference is always informative and interesting for me.  I find the first day of the conference always provides me with some surprises.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with how Innovate works, the first day is Sunday.  Many think that this consists mainly of the Welcome Reception on Sunday evening.  What REALLY happens during the first day of Innovate is a series of sessions called VoiCE sessions.

These VoiCE sessions are interactive sessions where we discuss with our customers what the next set of capabilities for our tools and solutions should be.  These are great sessions with a framework, but with a lot of free flowing discussion about the challenges that we face as a development team, and the challenges that our customers have.  If you have the chance to attend a VoiCE session, be prepared to share your experiences and the major challenges that you face.

During the morning, I spent some time in a session that was targeted on the concept of Project Move capability in Jazz.  It was a great session, and you can see my notes from the Project Move session out on the Jazz Forum.  Take a look and feel free to add your own comments and concerns.

The afternoon session was a more general session on RTC, headed up by Rolf Nelson.  I heard a lot of comments from customers around some general areas:

  • Enterprise concerns – how do I architect and deploy my Jazz solution so it will scale to support the number of users that I may need to support?
  • Rollout concerns – we have the tools and we like them, but we are running into issues in having teams adopt the solution, migrate to the solution, or use the solution in a highly effective manner right away.  Tim Gallagher of Intel had a very good discussion on this topic.
  • Adoption of Software Development methodologies/Usage Models – our teams want to adopt Agile, but still seem rooted to their old waterfall mentality.  They might also  have some unique types of Agile processes in place that we need to support.

Jared Burns and Kai-Uwe Maetzel led a very good conversation about how process templates are used in CLM 2012, and the newest functionality available in CLM 2012.  This led to a conversation on what our customers are looking for in the areas of process inheritance, project templatization, and work item template improvements (work item templates for everyone!).

John Camelon then went into some SCM Deep Dive issues.  We discussed selective merging and the merging around “gaps”, as well as the deletion of objects in the SCM system, disconnected configuration management, version and change set identifiers, and new user usability issues.  This was a more subdued session, but there were some very good observations during this session, especially around version and change set identifiers, and finding change sets.

At this point I decided to post up my notes from this first day of Innovate.  If anything interesting happens this evening, I will have to write about it tomorrow.

Quote of the Day

One gentleman (whose name I will not divulge) had the quote of the day.  During the introductions for a session, he announced his name and company, and then made the statement, “I am a recovering ClearCase Administrator”.  The whole room laughed.

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