Innovate Day 2 – June 4, 2012

During the days of presentations during Innovate, I get to do small meetings with specific customers.  Often these meetings can be quite enlightening, as I am able to learn more how how people currently use our Jazz solutions, and more importantly, how they WANT to use our Jazz solutions.

During these four days, I also get to do my presentations and participate in the presentations given by members of the Jumpstart team, the Jazz development team, and our customers.  On Monday this year, I only had to participate in a roundtable discussion in the Red Carpet Lounge, hosted by the AVP team.  I did this with Grant Covell, who is great to talk to.  I always find myself learning something new about performance testing and Jazz performance whenever I get a chance to interact with Grant.  It was an interesting session, and there were some questions about our new clustering capabilities.  We wanted to clarify the fact that clustering is ONLY for support of high availability (HA) configurations.

In my customer meetings I am hearing some concern about how to balance the need for a common process, with the need for individual projects to be able to make project specific changes to the process (adding attributes, enumerations, etc.).  We had some good conversations, and these conversations should help us refine our requirements in this area.

I also enjoyed one of the afternoon sessions where we discussed some of the great things that the products can extend and cover.  A lot of this had to do with extending our existing capabilities and providing even more planning functionality and capability.  The ideas were really good, and I really appreciate the open and honest conversations that we had with some of our customers today.

Quote of the Day

Had a tie for first place today.  There was, “The tools were great for their time, but that was last century…”, and “You could deploy the reports, but it required replacing the worn out mouse once you were done”.

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