Recent Interesting blog on RTC for a Mac

Just read this post on Installing Worklight 5 and RTC on a Mac, written by Aaron Allsbrook of ClearBlade. The guys at ClearBlade have done some very good work with RTC in the mainframe environment, and it’s really interesting to see them expanding their skills to cover software development in the mobile market, making use of the integration with Worklight.

Another Good Recent Blog Post

Boris Kuschel on my team sent me this link to a blog post that illustrates the differences in liberal and conservative software development cultures.  It is written by Steve Yegge of Google (whom I don’t know and have never met).  The blog post is pretty lengthy, but if you start reading it you will get sucked into it.  He makes some really good observations about how the relative importance we place on risk management influences the way we develop software, select programming languages, and do our daily jobs.  I love this post because he comes out and states what his preferences are, and then goes on to give a rather even-handed analysis of the situation.

Other Observations

I am seeing more demand in the market for basic Jazz administrative skills. I see job postings for Jazz Administrators, and people to architect Jazz solutions, almost daily. It all feels a little bit like the 90’s, when I could spend an entire month teaching Admin courses for ClearCase and ClearQuest.  There seems to be a growing demand for these skills, and some of these job postings seem to stay open for quite awhile. I am also seeing more independent consulting firms (like ClearBlade) involved with some of our Jazz customers. This is a good sign of a healthy Jazz community.


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