Welcome to 2013…. new Jazz news and resources

It’s a new year, and the year-end rush here in IBM/Rational and Jazz land is now over.  My Jumpstart team often uses December as an opportunity to take some time off, recharge their mental batteries, and look ahead to what we would like to focus on for the coming year.  I took a couple of weeks off, and I find myself struggling to remember how to spell Jass Jazz.  It was nice to get away!!

One of the curses of modern technology is that you email never sleeps.  I have a bunch of really good content piled up in my inbox, and a limited amount of time to get into it in the type of depth that I would like.  Since many of these things are potential time savers for the readers of this blog, I figured that I should share these with you, along with my observations and comments.

The Process Enactment Workshop – the effort to build this Jumpstart produced workshop was led by Jim Ruehlin, who is a member of my team that I often point people to on this blog.  Jim has a great workshop that you can do at your own speed, that shows how to tailor the Jazz solution to be able to enact the things unique to your software development process.  I hate to be somewhat self promoting (since Jim Ruehlin and the other authors, like Ralph Schoon , are part of my team), but this workshop is really good!

The SCM Lounge – Don’t be fooled by the title, this is a blog about Jazz SCM, not SCM in general.  The top blog entries have a lot of links to useful articles on Jazz.net, but some of the other entries have some interesting information on how the SCM within Jazz works, as well as highlighting new features coming out in the next release.  This is a great link if you are one of those “SCM types” that really wants to dive into how to use the SCM capabilities of Jazz.

Issue with 4.0.1 upgrades – There is an issue with the upgrade from 3.x or 4.0 to 4.0.1 with the indexing.  You want to make sure that you apply the hotfix for this issue BEFORE you attempt to upgrade.  See the support portal article instructing you on how to proceed.

Importing Dependency Build Outputs Back to the Stream – an interesting blog article that helps system z user walk through the process of doing this.


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