Jazz Jumpstart at Innovate 2013

Note: Updated on May 10, 2013 – Added Sudhakar “Freddy” Frederick’s presentation, which was a late addition to the Innovate 2013 schedule.

The Jazz Jumpstart team is a development team of highly skilled technical and business experts that work directly with our customers.  The members of the Jumpstart team are thought leaders in various areas of the Jazz technologies, and the application of those technologies to solve business challenges.  Many Jazz users are familiar with our work as published in our blogs, in LinkedIn groups, our developerWorks articles, a whole bunch of Jazz.net articles and workshops, and in the Jazz forums.

Wouldn’t it be great to meet some of these thought leaders face to face?  This year we will have a bunch of Jumpstart team members at Innovate 2013, the Rational Software Development Conference.  So come to the conference and make sure to catch our sessions, or just catch us taking in some of the other great sessions at the conference.

If you see any of us at the conference, feel free to stop and introduce yourself.  We really look forward to talking to Jazz users, administrators, and the people who depend on the Jazz solution to deliver value to their business.

Also be sure to check out the various blogs of the thought leaders that I have compiled on the right hand navigation bar.  These folks are on the cutting edge of actual Jazz deployments and product innovations.

JumpStart Biographies

Here are biographies of the Jumpstart team that will be present at Innovate.  I could say that I left the best for last (since I am the last one here), but the list is actually alphabetical.

Grant Covell

As a performance expert, Grant has worked extensively with the Rational tools and our customers to help identify performance issues, and to help characterize successful deployments of the Jazz technology.  His thought leadership in the realm of performance and scalability are reflected in his involvement with a wide variety of Jazz customers, as well as in his blog Ratl Perf Land.  This year Grant will be presenting:

  • RDA-2485 – Jazz High-Availability and Disaster Recovery Levels and Best Practices
  • RDA-1327 – Maximizing your Jazz Environment and Performance
  • Ask the Experts on CCM and CLM – in the Red Carpet Lounge

Jorge Diaz

Jorge is an expert in the deployment of Jazz solutions in both the distributed and mainframe environments, and Jorge has helped numerous customers quickly realize the value of the Jazz tools.  You can see examples of his work on his blog Development and the Jazz Platform.  He has also done extensive customizations of the Jazz solution for our customers.  At Innovate 2013, Jorge will be presenting:

  • WKS-1116 – CLM Practice Enactment Workshop
  • CCM-1629 – All You Need to Know About Customizing RTC
  • SZ-1203 – Building Mainframe Applications with RTC Enterprise Extensions

Sudhakar “Freddy” Frederick

Freddy is the premier thought leader for Jazz in the Asia-Pacific region. His work on mobile development with Jazz and with Jazz reporting (which you can read about in Freddy’s Jazz Blog) is the gold standard for the “best practices” in these areas of the Jazz solution. This year at Innovate Freddy will be presenting:

  • MDEV-1120B – Solving the Android Platform Development puzzle with RTC.

Rosa Naranjo

Rosa is an expert in requirements management and in the installation and upgrade of the Jazz solution, as well as in the Lifecycle Integration Adaptors (LIA) that were just released this year.  Rosa has already enabled the IBM field and business partners around the world with the LIA technologies.  You can read some of her writing on her Blog about Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM).  Rosa’s Innovate presentations for 2013 include:

  • RDA-1481 – Strategies for Planning and Completing and Successful CLM Upgrade
  • RM-1174 – Using OSLC to Extend Your Development Tools
  • WKS-2208 – Integrating with Third-party Tools Using Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters

Jim Ruehlin

Jim is a process enactment and process definition expert, with deep knowledge of implementing process in the Jazz tools, and in the use of tools like RMC to help define Jazz development processes.  He has also presented on extending the Jazz solution with RTC process extensions.  His blog on Jazz Practices is a must read for anyone looking to deploy a common process across their development organization.  His knowledge of a wide array of processes, and deep technical knowledge in how to best implement these with the Jazz tools, has been used by Jazz customers worldwide.  This year at Innovate, Jim will be leading:

  • WKS-1116 – CLM Practice Enactment Workshop

Ralph Schoon

Ralph is the owner of the highest reputation in the world on the Jazz forums, and his Jazz blog is read by over two thousand people every month.  Ralph’s deep technical skills with the Jazz tools, coupled with his ability to link this to business value, has made him one of the premier thought leaders in the Jazz community.  This year Ralph will be doing three presentations at Innovate:

  • WKS-1116 – CLM Practice Enactment Workshop
  • CCM-1629 – All You Need to Know About Customizing RTC
  • RDA-1051 – CLM Solution Deployment Tips and Tricks
  • Ask the Experts on CCM and CLM – in the Red Carpet Lounge

Dan “Tox” Toczala

As the manager of the Jazz Jumpstart team, Dan has fostered a culture of technical excellence and transparency for a team of software development experts who enable IBM customers and the IBM field with the Jazz technologies. The Jumpstart Team’s thought leadership has helped deliver measurable value to IBM customers, and has influenced the direction of this technology, and the ability of organizations to rapidly realize value from their Jazz investments.  Dan is well known for his blog One Jazz Professional’s Perspective, which has focused on Jazz architcture and performance in recent months.  At this year’s coference, Dan will be presenting:

  • RDA-1327 – Maximizing your Jazz Environment and Performance
  • Jazz Deployment Topologies for Enterprise Environments – in the Red Carpet Lounge

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