Everything Changes – Change is the Only Constant

I realize that it has been a long time since I made a blog entry.  It’s because I have been pouring most of my energy into changes that we are undertaking here at IBM/Rational.  The Jazz Jumpstart program has accomplished it’s mission of bringing the Jazz tools into the mainstream.  The recent work of the team has focused on getting more of our organization to share their lessons learned with the Jazz technologies, in places like Jazz.net, the Jazz.net forums, and the new Deployment Wiki. The team is still doing excellent work (see the blog posts of Jumpstart team members on Planet Jazz). It’s just that our original mission, helping in the deployment of Jazz solutions and the widespread dissemination of information on the Jazz technology, has been accomplished.  So it is with a sense of accomplishment that I presided over the disbanding of the Jazz Jumpstart team.  I am also sad to see the team break up, I respected and enjoyed ALL of the members of my team.

With the disbanding of the Jazz Jumpstart team, I was in need of a job, since I had just worked myself out of one.  Luckily, I found one.  I am now the manager of the Emerging Technology team here at IBM/Rational. This team will have the same type of mission, but will focus on some of the new technologies, solutions, and products that are coming out of the IBM/Rational labs.  The mission for my new team will be similar to the mission of my previous team. We will focus on doing three things:

  • Rapid deployment of these new technologies/solutions/products with our early adopting customers
  • Rapid education of IBM field resources, business partners, and our customers, for these technologies/solutions/products
  • Promotion of timely information, guidance, and best practices in these areas

So what does this all mean?  I will leave my old blog postings on Jazz here for all of you to refer to, but you probably won’t be seeing too much new content in those areas that I previously blogged about.  Much of this content has been captured in the Deployment Wiki, and much of it is being refined as we learn more about the best ways to utilize the existing Jazz based tools.  So while my blog may be interesting to read, in the future you might be better served by reading the up-to-date materials on the Deployment Wiki.  This blog will see some definite changes, as I begin blogging about the new things coming out of the Rational labs.

So in the future you will see interesting information, and some my own thoughts (which may or may not be interesting).  Most of it will be focused on the things that I see happening in the software development world, and on how this impacts the people and organizations that do software development.  I will blog about the power of DevOps in the transformation of software development teams and their processes. I will also talk about the transformative power that RTC has in the mainframe world, the power of Jazz when applied to system engineering, the strategic impact of service virtualization and integration testing in the world, and on how we are transforming the way that organizations think about requirements management.

I go to India this week, so I am keeping my ears open and I figure that what I learn on this trip should be worth a new blog or two. Hopefully I am able to pass along some insight and information that you will continue to find useful.

3 thoughts on “Everything Changes – Change is the Only Constant

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