Add Your Voice to the Chorus

Today is the start of one of the really enjoyable activities that we have each year.  Today marks the start of the Rational Voice Jam, a two week long activity where the people at IBM/Rational look for feedback and ideas from EVERYBODY.  Some of the people in the Jam are IBM employees (like me) who have a hand in the development of the Jazz tools, or other IBM/Rational technologies.  Some of the people in the jam are interested in where our products are going.  Some of the people in the Jam are customers of our products, who have some strong opinions about what we should be bringing to the Jazz tools in the future.

The Jam itself is pretty wide open, with people submitting ideas in various theme areas.  You can select a theme, and zero in on all of the suggestions and commentary for just that theme.  Or you can watch the whole thing unfold.  It’s up to you how much time and effort you spend here.  I know some of our customers see this as a place where they can bring up ideas for new functionality, and attempt to get broad support from the user community for their ideas.  Others just like to read the ideas presented, and then vote for the ideas that have the most value to them.  Engage in a way that you feel comfortable with.

So if you’ve read this far, please take an additional couple of minutes to check out the Voice Jam.  You can share your ideas, or just take a look at the ideas that other people have already posted.  Vote for your favorites, and give us your take on how things should be done.  Make sure that the Jazz products move in directions that benefit you and what you do.

P.S.  I do know that some of the comments and ideas that came up in last year’s jam ended up getting translated into product requirements for some of the new functionality around server monitoring that we are exposing this year.  I really want to continue to see this work, so we can better serve our customers, and give them the features and functionality that is valuable to them.

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