Watson Links

I get tired of trying to rediscover all of the useful Watson links that I reference all of the time.  I have them bookmarked in my browser, but when I need to find this information to send it to someone, I can never seem to find them.  So I decided to put them here – so you can use them too.

Smart Watson Authors

These people are helping expand AI and cognitive technologies all over the world. Some of them I worked for in the past, some of them worked for me in the past, and some of them are just really smart people that I have had the fortune to know.

  • Ryan Anderson’s Blog – Ryan is one of those really smart people who knows AI, knows Watson, and just has a natural curiosity about EVERYTHING. One of the best people to follow…
  • James Ravenscroft’s Blog – James is a bright bloke from the UK who knows AI and Watson. Another good person to follow.

General Watson Links

  • Tox’s Watson Landing Page – A GitHub doc that I try to maintain. I often add to this as I find articles and blogs that Watson customers find useful. Got a favorite resource that you find yourself referring to all of the time? Join the project and share it with the world.
  • Tox’s IBM Cloud Landing Page – same idea for the IBM Cloud in general. I don’t go into great depth, but it does serve as a good overview. Some sections are blank – those are the ones that I haven’t personally worked with (I won’t recommend an article or blog post unless I see it helping someone).
  • IBM Watson List of Useful Links – Ryan tries to keep this up-to-date. An EXTENSIVE collection of links to some really good material.

General AI Development Resources

  • Agile Manifesto – You HAVE to start here.  Read it, understand it, live it.
  • The Twelve Factor App – A good set of practices (modeled on the Agile Manifesto) for the development of Cloud Native applications.
  • IBM Developer AI Page – good source of developer focused content – maybe a little bit heavy on the marketing, but some good info here. Check out the code patterns.
  • Cognitive Architecture Center – a good source for some architectural overview. Also code patterns and things to get you started.