I Am Too Busy – Using RSS to Keep Up With Jazz News

I have not had too many interesting blog postings lately because I have been up to my ears in work.  Like the rest of the Jazz team, I am working hard to prepare the next delivery of the Jazz tools.  I don’t have a lot of spare time these days, and one of those little things that I often rely on to help me stay connected to the Jazz community is RSS.  RSS is great, because with a feed reader I can consume news when I want.  I’m on Linux, so I just use the Liferea Feed Reader, and I subscribe to a bunch of different Jazz RSS feeds to help me stay on top of what is happening in the community.

What if you are new to the jazz world, and don’t have a collection of RSS feeds?  Don’t worry, a friend of mine has pulled together a collection of “essential” Jazz feeds for your RSS reader.  Darrel Rader works in the Rational brand with me, and he has collected a bunch of very good Jazz feeds into one bunch, in an OPML file that you can download and import into your own RSS feed reader.  Just click on this link for Darrel’s Jazz RSS Feeds.  It’s a great way for new users of the Jazz platform to  stay on top of current events, and noteworthy news.

I would provide some more help and guidance on different RSS feed readers to use (I use Liferea, Darrel likes RSSOwl, and there is an OPML addon for Firefox), and how to import the OPML file, but like I said, I am insanely busy.  Just download Darrel’s feeds, look at some of the FAQ’s and help with your favorite RSS reader, and begin to feel more connected.  It shouldn’t take you longer than 10 or 15 minutes to set up.