Innovate Day 3 – June 5, 2012

It’s Tuesday, the day where I have the least amount of free time.  Most of this time was spent talking to individual customers facing a variety of different challenges.  I got questions about our new CLM 2012 capabilities, deploying Jazz to an organization, using OSLC to support multiple tools, and a bunch of other topics.  I hope that the people that I talked to found these discussions informative.

In the afternoon, I did a presentation on Enterprise Deployments with Grant Covell.  Grant is a great guy to work with, and presenting with him is always fun.  The crowd was a bit smaller than I would have liked, but we had some good questions.  I get the feeling that people would like to see us come up with a set of standard topologies and recommendations for how to deploy Jazz to their organization.  You are in luck, since one of the Jumpstart team members (David Chadwick) was recently working with a group of people (including Grant), that have produced a set of Standard CLM Topologies.  It’s a great article, be sure to check it out.

After that presentation, I got to go and see CLM Deployment Tips and Tricks, presented by Ralph Schoon, who is also a member of the Jumpstart team.  You have probably encountered Ralph at some point in your Jazz usage, since he is the second ranked user in the Jazz forums (in terms of reputation points).  Ralph is a great guy, and his presentation was very good.  There were a lot of questions from the audience, and he and Fariz Saracevic did a great job addressing those questions.

Just realized that I am name dropping all over the place in this post.  Sorry, but there are so many people with so many ideas here, and I want to make sure that they all get the credit that they deserve.

Quote of the Day

When asked what type of development process they use, one customer replied to me, “We use a scrumerfall process….”.  That was a new term for me, I have heard of “Wagile”, but not “Scrumerfall”.

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